One year ago, Ahmed lost his right arm in an explosion of war remnants.

His mother said that the loss of his arm hugely impacted Ahmed, making it difficult to play, and to be the active, energetic child he was before.

“The children were afraid of him and did not play with him until he no longer wanted to go to school or even leave the house”, she said.

Living in fear of embarrassment and humiliation, struggling to even step foot outside, is not how a child should live. This is why, we are so proud to be working with Physicians Across Continents (PAC) to provide people like Ahmed with a light-weight, comfortable prosthetic.

Ahmed receiving his prosthetic at the Hope Step Centre in Syria

Thanks to your donations, our prosthetic programme has provided Ahmed with a prosthetic, physical therapy and psychosocial support. The doctors at the centre reported that after being fitted with his prosthetic, Ahmed gave a beam that “we had not seen before on Ahmed’s face. A look that makes us work with determination and move forward to help the largest number of amputees”.

Ahmed with his Koalaa prosthetic

While we are overjoyed to have been able to help Ahmed, he is only one of 86,000 people1 whose injuries from the conflict in Syria have caused amputations. There is still a long way to go, but with your help, we can, and will, make a difference.

Please join us and donate now, to help more people like Ahmed.

Thank you.