When social distancing makes fundraising trickier, Smarties have the answer!

Join our Smarties Challenge and help us raise £100,000 so that we can continue providing education to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, and healthcare to a community in north-east Syria, during the COVID pandemic. The idea is simple:

Challenge kids to fill a tube of Smarties with £1 coins.

(One Smarties tube holds 27 £1 coins!)

The initiative comes from the inspirational Hector who raised an astonishing £99, with the help of his primary school, by collecting money in the first thing he could find: a tube of Smarties! If you’d like your school to get involved, please sign up today. Once registered, we’ll send you the Smarties! 

There’s a fun pack here with all sorts of ideas for how to raise enough £1 coins to fill a Smarties tube. The only caveat? Someone will have to eat all the Smarties!

Please share this challenge with your children, friends’ children, nieces & nephews, godchildren, local schools, youth groups and beyond!

Any questions, let us know: [email protected]