Programme Report – April 2021

March this year marked ten years since the start of Syria’s conflict, a painful reminder. One of the most frightening thoughts is that a fractured Syria, where people risk being bombed, killed or pushed to the edge by poverty has become the norm. Few are surprised by the images we see there now, they are accepted as ‘the way it is’. We do not believe that this should be accepted – indeed it must not – because it does a great disservice to millions of people who deserve so much more.

Since 2012, we have been working to support some of the most vulnerable in this crisis. These people, and the thousands like them, are the reason why we cannot accept Syria’s status quo.

Funding this type of work in Syria and Lebanon isn’t straightforward but it is necessary and possible. We are extremely proud to be able to do it.

This report covers the calendar year 2020, during which we provided education and health care for over 34,000 Syrians.