In the lead up to Eid el-Fitr (the Festival of the Breaking of Fast), we invite you to practice charitable giving with Hands Up!

Approaching Eid el-Fitr’s three-day celebration in the final days of Ramadan, Muslims across the world practice charitable giving ‘Zakat’ to support the poor and those in need.

As 2021 marks ten years since Syria’s uprising, alongside serious economic hardship and the pandemic, funds to help Syrians in need has never been more important. During this sacred month – a time of selfless giving and acts of kindness – please consider donating to the Hands Up cause. We can and do make a difference to Syrian lives. Hands Up provides medical care and education to those caught up in the Syrian crisis, supporting over 100,000 Syrians making a living for themselves through our primary health clinic in Tel Abyad and refugee school in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.







We hope you’ll join us in the celebrations! To donate to a better future for Syria click the ‘donate’ tab at the top of this page.