The Syrian conflict has had a devastating impact on the availability of healthcare for people living in the country.  

Since 2011, there have been around 600 attacks on more than 350 separate medical facilities in Syria, resulting in the death of 930 medical staff. 70% of medical staff have now left the country. This has left millions of citizens with limited or no access to healthcare.  

At Hands Up Foundation, we are proud to support our local partner, the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), part of a global medical relief organisation that works to save lives. 

With our funding, the team run a Primary Health Clinic in Tel Abyad, northeast Syria. During the first six months of 2022, the health clinic team saw over 8,300 children through their paediatric services making up 27% of all the services carried out.  

Recently, the team has set up a separate clinic designated for the treatment of leishmaniasis, a ‘neglected tropical disease’ which spreads in areas where poverty is dominant. It is now endemic in this part of Syria with hundreds of children suffering from the flesh-eating disease. 

One of those patients is 3-year-old Osama. The Clinic’s dermatologist put together a treatment plan for Osama along with a timetable to follow up on his condition regularly.  

His father said: “Osama suffered a lot from this disease, and I was confused due to the lack of medical centres in our area, which made things very difficult for us. But now, with SAMS’s clinic for leishmaniasis, we are able to overcome this wearisome problem”.  

Rose Essam, CEO of Hands Up Foundation, said: “The Primary Health Clinic is a lifeline for both adults and children living in and around Tel Abyad. Without it, the 50,000 people in this remote area would have to travel a long way to access similar support.  

“This easy access to the clinic is especially vital for the younger children who are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses that can be easily prevented and cured with proper healthcare. 

“I am so proud that we are able to support the work SAMS do through your donations. In March this year, we renewed our commitment to fund this clinic for another year, covering the salaries for the doctors, nurses and admin staff as well as the running costs.”   

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