Fundraising for Hands Up? Here’s some things you need to know.  

Thank you so much for fundraising in aid of Hands Up Foundation. Every penny you raise will help us to support vulnerable Syrians.  

Whether you are challenging yourself to a marathon, hosting a Supper Club, or singing for Syrians, here are a few tips to maximise your appeal. 

  1. The easiest way to get your friends and family to donate is by setting up an online fundraising page on a platform like JustGiving. Make sure people know alternative ways of donating to the appeal and ways to increase their donations through Gift Aid.   
  1. Put some information about yourself on the page, maybe even include a picture of yourself. People want to know whose appeal they are donating to. 
  1. Let people know what you are doing to raise money and what this money is for – don’t forget to include our name, using the phrase “in aid of” (e.g. in aid of Hands Up Foundation) and perhaps our website too so they can find out more about our charity. 
  1. Tell your supporters why you are raising money for this cause. This will help inspire them to donate to your appeal.  
  1. Make it clear if part of the money you raise will cover expenses – such as entry fees for races or the cost of food for events.  
  1. Share your fundraising page on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag us in too!  
  1. Share any updates on your fundraising page. It could be updates on your training or practice, menus for the event or how the fundraising is going.  
  1. Thank your donors for their donation.   

Did you know, when raising money for a charitable organisation (like Hands Up Foundation), the Fundraising Regulator will regulate your fundraising. This is to make sure all fundraising is legal. Following the above tips will ensure that you are also following their guidance.  

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