On Monday morning at 9am, the Primary Health Clinic supported by Hands Up, and managed on the ground in Syria by SAMS, was hit by an airstrike. Thankfully, the staff and patients of the Al Zerbeh clinic in Idlib have not been injured. However, the damage is significant enough to suspend treatment to the people of Idlib, a province already in dire need of greater medical and humanitarian aid.

This strike is the last in a string of unlawful attacks on medical facilities in Idlib; facilities which had willingly given their coordinates to the UN OCHA to avoid this happening.

It is a hugely significant blow to an already vulnerable community. Ordinarily the clinic and its twenty two staff would treat an average of 3,800 people each month. Of these, 41% were children. The impact that this clinic has had in offering treatment and vaccinations to a community in such great need cannot be overstated.

The Hands Up Foundation pays the wages of twenty two Syrian medical staff at Al Zerbeh each month and will continue to do so whilst they repair the damage to their hospital.

Your support is needed now more than ever, as Syria slips further from the headlines while the violence continues to escalate.

If you’d like to support the Syrians we work with you can donate here. Or, even better come to our fundraiser in London, Music for Syria, and we can explain a little more about how and where we help.

Tickets available here: https://cadoganhall.com/whats-on/music-for-syria/book/409635/?spektrix_bounce=true


For more information on the current wave of attacks please see UOSSM press release.